"In 2011 Our Company as MELEK GIDA entered the sector by serving the retail market and in this way

in 2012, it decided to enter the EDT (Out of Home Consumption) sector and has taken a rapid rise with solid foundations.

In the beginning of 2013, MELEK GIDA has made all of its investments and in 2016, in order to respond to the sector’s needs with a more professional and corporate structure, MELEK GIDA changed its kind from AVMEDA to AVTEDA A.Ş.(Corporation).

In 2016, AVTEDA entered the out-of-home consumption sector. In order to respond to the developing consumption habits in the fastest possible way, realizes business partnerships with professional brands and distributes high quality products in many out-of-home areas such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, hospitals, offices, factories, shopping malls, schools and stores etc.

Adopting customer satisfaction as a principle, Avteda offers a fast and advantageous service to its customers while remaining true to all of the articles of the Advantage Philosophy.

In 2019, as the first step of its international structure AVTEDA EUROPE SH.P.K (L.L.C) was established in Prizren / Kosovo. Our company, which provides services in the “Out of Home Consumption” sector, has started to provide services to Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia.

AVTEDA A.Ş. has been continuing its investments with its superior service and advantageous price understanding since its establishment (inception).

AVTEDA A.Ş. since its establishment (inception) has developed a solution-oriented marketing approach with its supply chain that operates smoothly and in this way developing the full supply model it assumes the responsibility of its customers as much as they do and contributes to the growth of the companies with which it has business partnerships.


AVTEDA; with its solutions, varieties and high business ethics, aims to be the first choice of its suppliers, to provide advantages to the expenses of the persons or institutions of which it is a supplier, to establish familial relations and to become a lifelong supplier.

AVTEDA’s ultimate aims is to maximize the satisfaction of its suppliers and consumers by providing high standard and quality service.

Taking into consideration the opportunities and threats in its sector (Out of Home Consumption), AVTEDA is committed to be an organization that increases the value of the brand and uses all resources in the most efficient way.


AVTEDA with its entrepreneurial spirit, open to change, creating a market based in mutual trust with business partners is moving with the right and confident steps towards its goal being a company well-known for its products and services. AVTEDA with a service model he created in the industry of the out-of-home consumption is on the right path to becoming a leader in Turkey."